Weird shock (rebound) problem with uneven clicker counts

I can't find anything on this topic so I'll apologize in advance if this has been posted already.



I have a 2011 YZ450F that I bought used a couple years ago. I haven't messed with the shock settings until just now. I wanted to return all the settings back to the factory positions, which I did, with the exception of the rebound settings on the front forks.



Here's the problem: one of the forks has a total of 20 clicks available for adjustment (which the manual states as the correct amount), and the other fork has 29.



Does anyone have a solution as to how I can get these two shocks even with each other? It handles poorly as is...



Thanks a bunch for any advice!


I'm not too familiar with modern forks but it's easy to do that with some types when reassembling if you aren't careful. The number of clicks out from full stiff is what's important.

Thanks toten. I also heard a friend say that maybe I should put both shocks, with regard the to clickers, in the middle. So if I wanted a medium setting on both shocks, I'd put one at 10 clicks out a d the other at 14-15 clicks out. Anyone else want to weigh in? Thanks again!

Seems like the opportune time to take your forks apart, figure out why the adjuster is set wrong, replace worn parts, and add fresh fluids. Plenty of tech support on these forums if you run into snags.

You can probably fix this without draining the fork, if you want.  The side with 29 clicks is assembled wrong. Remove that fork and stand it upside down in front of you.  Back the adjuster off all the way (this is where the guy who did this last screwed up). Unscrew the rebound adjuster from the bottom of the fork.  Compress the fork and place a damper rod holder or a piece of metal with a half inch slot in it under the jam nut to hold the adjuster up.  Loosen the lock nut, and run it as far down the rod as the threads are cut. 


Now, get the adjuster threads freed up good.  The problem is that the adjuster wasn't run down all the way on the rod, probably because the clickers were not backed out, and the adjuster stopped against the clicker and not the rod.  The rod has to bottom out in the adjuster bore on both sides because that makes both adjusters the same repeatable distance from the actual valve needle at the other end of the rebound push rod.  Then run the lock nut up and tighten it.

You're incredibly knowledge gray racer. Thank you!

Hey gray racer, the fork with the 29 clicks is missing the damper rod. Do you, or anyone else, know where I can find one? The dealer sells it with an entire kit of parts for about $550!

You can get a new damper rod from Technical Touch USA or Suspension Direct. Shouldn't be too expensive.

Well, that'll do it. 

Found the part online. Many thanks to everyone here at Thumper Talk, especially GrayRacer; that's twice now that you've personally helped me. I won't forget it!

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