2000 YZ426F Rattling Noise

I purchased a 2000 YZ426F recently. A loud rattling noise was coming from the right side under the clutch cover. Checked the oil and filter, and there was an ungodly amount of metal shavings in the filter.

I pulled the clutch cover off and to my surprise, my clutch plates had grenaded. There we shards all inside the cover. Gave it a good clean, and upgraded to the 2001 clutch this weekend. While I was in there I also replaced the primary drive gear square key. There was a lot of slop.

Everything went back together well, and it shifts great. However, the rattling noise is still there. I know these motors are known to make noise, but is there anything else I should check? If the rattling has quieted down, it's not by much.

Thanks in advance!

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