Help in removal of the balancer!!

Hope someone can help. I am trying to remove the balancer from my 2000 426. I have removed everything I need to (I think) and can't seem to slide the balancer out from the left side of the motor. I know I have plenty of room to slide it out but it seems like something is holding it in place. Has anybody done this before and if so what is the trick. In the manual it looks like it should just slide out after removing the nut from the balancer gear and removing the cdi plate. Help Please, Thanks

What about the key? Doesn't it need to be removed as well?

My guess is that it is a tapered shaft with a keyway. You will probably need a puller of some sort. But I havent done a 426 but a lot of other motors are like that. Good Luck

Thanks for your replies guys. The manual doesn't say anything about a key. All it says is to line up the center point of the balancer shaft with the center point of the crankshaft and slide it out. Does anybody know who I can call and ask for sure. Any input would be greatly appreciated.......

There's only one way to remove the counter balancer on a 2000 426, to rotate the part till the center of the balancer weight is aligned with the center of his own shaft and the center of the crankshaft.

In other word, you should be able to trace a straight line with the center of crank, center of balancer shaft and center of the balancer shaft weight itself. If all is aligned that way you'll be able to remove it. (asuming other side gear is off, of course)


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