Buying Yz400 Project Need Info

Hello all. I've been around yamaha and owned a yz450f you guys helped with a bunch. I sold it and have regretted it ever since. However I've found a 98 yz400f that I'm curious at maybe trying to fix. My question is do you guys have any idea if it's a simple fix or a big issue? He wants $900 but I can get it for $400. Worth it?

Forgot to add the info. The add reads "Ran great then it stalled won't start no time to fix it also needs fork seals has aftermarket pipe and bars good shape it does try to start"

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Here's the add


I don't know how a kick start bike tries to start... it isn't often that it'll fire and then die. 


Without knowing more it's really hard to know what it needs. It's possible it's a dirty carb, it's possible it burned the valves, it's possible it's electrical... no real way to know. It could be as cheap as labor only (dirty carb), it could cost more to fix than you pay for it.

Is it worth putting a few hundred bucks into? How reliable and nice are these bikes?

I would offer them $500. If they take it awesome. And if you can get it running, even better, the 400/426 are very reliable. I have an 02 426 and it's great. Torque like no other.

Risky.  Could be anything from a nearly free electrical fix to a $1500 or more problem. 

That's what I'm worried about lol

For $400 I doubt you'd lose much if you have to part it out. 

Oops, missed the part about being able to get it for $400. Like gray said, it is a risk, but it could be an easy fix. Really up to you to decide if you want to take the chance. And like toten said, you could easily part it out or resell it for more than $400 if worst case scenario.

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