I have a 2000 yzf 426 minus motor, carb, electrical and compression release. I was selling it on ebay as whole, but my reserve was not met so I am going to part it out. I am building a race quad. Prices do no include shipping, buyer to pay actual UPS shipping. I will ship COD if buyer sends shipping and COD cost before I ship. If anything you want is not listed, email me. I still have everything. Asking price is firm, I will accept highest offer. I should have the parts off and boxed up within 7 days. Everything is like new, except the subframe, the silencer mount was bent, but it is very usuable I believe. Email me if you are interested. Thanks, Craig Graham.

Rear Wheel with hub,bearings,sprocket,stock tire--450$

Front Wheel with hub,bearings, stock tire--250$

Tank with cap and valve--150$

Radiator shrouds--20$

Seat-Foam, pan and cover--100$

Air box and filter--20$

Rear Caliper, Cylinder, Resovoir, Line, and Guards--150$

Front Caliper, Line, Resovoir, and Handle--100$

Rear rotor--40$

Front rotor--50$

Complete Front Forks--450$

Steering clamp--65$

Right Radiator--140$

Left Radiator--140$

Rear Shock--250$

Swingarm with axle--100$

Foot Pegs--40$



Please email me at Thompsoncreekrider@hotmail.com

[ March 25, 2002: Message edited by: MXBUBS1 ]

[ March 25, 2002: Message edited by: MXBUBS1 ]

Intersted in your tank. I have already sent you an email to your address.

Let me know if it is still available.


I would like the rear brake rotor, if available and is straight. I dropped you an email also.

I'm interested in the airbox. Check your PM.

Where the heck is my private message icon!!!!????

Go to "My Profile" at the top and click. It's PMs are on that page.

I am interested in the front and rear wheel complete assemblies.

I checked my PM's....it was empty....I do have "notify by email when you get a pm" checked off.....maybe the in went straight to my hotmail....I dont know.....My hotmail is my best address to contact me.....

This is working out so will, I have decided to try to buy a bike and part out one a month....If for any reason, whatever I sale, if you dont like it, send it back, I will refund everything, including shipping.....Thanks, and Thanks alot to the guy that directed me to this site.....Craig Graham.

Do you still have the airbox/filter??

I'm (still) interested.


MXBUBS1 Do you still have the subframe? Check your PM; thanks.


I reply to your add (twice) and get this kind of


"Another guy offered me 20$ for it, can you offer

me more?".... What the hell is that!!??

You posted your prices and now your making it a

bidding war. Keep you fricken airbox. I want to

deal with honest people.

I only asked that because I had 2 other guys wanting it at the same time. How do I decide who to sale it to? My add even says that I will sale it to the highest offer.

[ April 01, 2002: Message edited by: MXBUBS1 ]

If you get two offers, sell it to the person first

responding. How long are you going to hold the

bidding war?? It's a SALE of items not AUCTION, or

did I miss something that said silent bids are


I hope the other guy enjoys the airbox.

Thanks anyways...

JOHNB, check your PM'S, I have a brand new airbox. mike

I need just the front wheel... no tire, no hub, no bearings, no tire.... how much? :)

Rear Wheel with sprocket, tire&hub&bearings-400$

Front wheel with hub, tire, bearings-225$

Complete Seat, with good cover-65$

Complete rear brake assembly minus the pedal-100$--(minus the rotor)

Complete front assembly-75$ (minus the rotor)

Front Forks-400$

Rear shock-150$



top and bottom steering clamps-100$

The guy that wanted the airbox backed out. To show you I am not a rip off, if you send me money for shipping, Ill give you the darn box with the filter, John. I had 3 emails at the same time wanting the same thing, what was I suppose to do?

Thanks, Craig Graham. Thompsoncreekrider@hotmail.com

[ April 02, 2002: Message edited by: MXBUBS1 ]

Front Wheel Minus Rotor-200$


Top and bottom steering clamp-75$

Complete stock seat-50$

Front Forks-375$

Right Radiator-140$

Rear Caliper, Line, Cylinder and Rezzy-85$

Front Caliper, Line, Rezzy and Handle-65$

Rear Wheel Minus Rotor 400$

Email me if you have any questions. All my stuff is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or ALL your money back. Thanks, Craig Graham.

Feel free to make offers on anything I have left. Thanks, Craig Graham.

Lets work on that rear wheel. all i want is the Hub, rim and spokes ! you can keep the sproket tire and tube. 150 ?

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