Any tips for a newly purchased 1981 Honda XL 100? I am pretty new to bikes

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Get a service manual, keep the oil and filters changed, and drive it like you stole it!!!

I had an 81 xl-125, it was a great bike, enjoy!

Change from points to electronic ignition - the stock Honda points ignition will wear out quite early in the life of the bike and cause untold problems. On the 1977-1993 XR & 1980 + XL 75/80's the later CD ignition system is a straight bolt on, I don't know if that is true for the 100cc engines. Check compression and cam chain wear as well - low compression and stretched cam chains on these engines cause problems and need to be corrected. 

The cam chain probably needs tightened a little bit. Preserve it more than you beat it.  Looks to be in real good condition.  Also give it a nice wash.  I'd love to have that bike!  I've got an 1974 XL 100 though.

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nice bike,look after that baby so others can enjoy it IF u ever move it on-a cool classic........try not to wreck it!

I know nobody checks this...The OP posted that question almost a year ago, saw one answer and hasn't been on TT since.  Whattayagonnado.

may it inspire other xl owners to restore these wee gems

I love that bike!

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