Do-it-your-self fork revalving?

There are obviously some great companies out there that do an outstanding job on suspension revalving. . . for a cool $150-$170 duckets. Has anyone experimented around with different fork shims themselves? I know my bike inside and out so I am confident in my abilities to work on the forks, but I don't have a clue where to start with changing out shims. Anyone have any experience in this area? I don't suppose there are any retired fork-revalving experts out there that want to give away all the secrets are there?! :)

Prior to having my suspension done professionally, thanks Lindeman Engineering, I used stock fork springs with one shim and an increased oil heigth. I weigh about 205 dry. It worked pretty good but I'm much happier with my new setup.


Check out Race Tech, they have kits you can buy to valve your own forks and shock. I have installed the gold valve kit and found them pretty easy to do. The kits come with the shims and very good how to instructions. If you dont like what you did, you can change it like the factory.

Dido on the Gold Valves. Instructions are very good and I now have no problem on the MX tracks.

Don't the Gold Valve kits cost about as much as just sending your forks to PRO-ACTION?

140 bucks for a race tech valve with complete instructions.not a bad deal, and their customer service is excellent.

Also, check out the Suspension forum here on TT... those guys talk shim stacks and oil weights all day... :)

Good luck,


Don't the Gold Valve kits cost about as much as just sending your forks to PRO-ACTION?

Yes they cost about the same but you don't learn anything from it. By doing your own it helps you understand how the forks work and you can reshim them any time you think you need a change.

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