'02 WR426 Initial Service Advice

I just purchased a practically brand new 2002 model with 10 miles on it at. Original owner said he was unable to handle the weight so his loss is my gain.

Since this bike is still in the break-in period I was looking for any advice as to the first valve check interval. I see where the manual requires a check right after break-in. Has anyone actually heard of a bike needing adjustment at the first check?

I plan to ride it a short time this weekend then change the oil, filter and check the in-line strainer. Any other recommendations?

I have already cut down the throttle stop screw and removed the air box cover. Next on the list is the grey wire and possibly the BK mod depending on how it feels when I ride.



I have had 3 bikes 2 wr426 and one 450, so far non of them needed any valve adjustments after brakein. However it is adviseble to do it, it is really easy!

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