what to do to a stock 11 wr450 ?

I got this 2011 wr 450 that's just been trail rode since new in 11 and never rejeted or opened up in any way just oil changes, any one have any hints about derestricting and rejeting maybe yz timing on the cams ?  the bike just don't run all that strong at the moment , is their a thread specific to a 2011 wr 450 being rode in the pacfic north west?

what should a 100 hr service be?

I think there are stickies above. Yours is the same as a 2007-2011. You could start with the Yamaha GYTR jet derestriction kit.

thanks its good to know 7 to 11 is about the same, I was just checking valve clearances and I counted 14 pins between the top Dots on the cam gears , now im going to see what,s in the carb for jets and a needle. i will at least throw in a new pilot jet

throttle stop has been done, im thinking this bike runs pretty dam good as is

They run night and day different uncorked and properly jetted. The GYTR kit is well worth it's cheap price.

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