Excel rims, old blue color?

Hello guys!

I just fall on a great deal to get a set of new Excel blue rims to install on my WR426 but the guy told me it is the old blue color. He told me that the new blue from Excel, since a couple of year, is a bir darker and suits better with the Yamaha blue. :)

Will they be nice on the bike?

Did you guys have any picture of these 2 styles to compare?

Thanks a lot! :D

kepp in mind that every scratch on such rims is very vissible!

My bike is a dual purpose use, so they will stay in good shape for a while :)

I ordered the blue excels about 2 years ago and thought they looked a little weird on the bike because they aren't Yamaha blue. They were a blue green color. I don't know what to call it other than maybe a dark teal??? I haven't seent he new blue so I couldn't compare the two. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info utah! :)

Does anyone have a picture of these rims?

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