wr450 or wait for crf450x?

my best frined now has a 2000 wr400 and is on the verg of trading it in for a new wr450! but what he really wants is the crf450x if and when honda makes it.

my question is for those who own the wr450 whats your thoughts are on it? what do you like the most and what is or was the things you don't like and are going to change?

how many of you are going to trade in for the crf450x once it comes out?

thanks for your thoughts and opinions and it will be passed to my friend. :)

This was totaly my situation, but I desided to get the wr450 2004 for the following reasons:

1. Yamaha is proven to be the most reliable enduro mashine of this class. I have wr426 with 20000km/12000ml on it without changind even piston rings!

2. Honda are great bikes, but never get first year production bike. It allways has problems!

3. Yamaha dealer over here is better.

Also honda must solve so mony issues converting from R to X.

I now have wr450 2004 and I'm totaly happy with it :)

Wait - I am. Also wait and see what KTM does.

Also, I disagree with the 'most reliable' part of the Yamaha statement. I have had more problems with the WR426 I own in 7 months than I have had with 3 KTMs in 5 years.

However, I am faster on the Yamaha.

i compared the weight of a WR250F right next to a CRF250X.

the CRF250X felt wwwwaaaayyy lighter

I would weight cause of the weight alone

Get what you like . Do comparisons for yourself that way you will only have yourself to blame. Myself I would get a WR ,it's tried and true, but what do I know. :)

I have an 03 WR450F. My son owns an 03 CRF450. My WR will beat the CRF in a race and is more stable. His CRF is quiker in the turns and has a smaller feel. Too small for me. His gearing is way to high and the "goat trails," as my kids call them, tear him up. I don't know what the CRF's reliability will be like but mine has been very good. My kids say my bike is very cool but I need to remove the tail light. The CRF is cool, too.

I feel, unless you are in a rush, you would be smart to look at a CRFX. But in the end, buy the Yamaha.

It's really hard to compare a current production bike with a bike that hasn't reached production. If you not in a hurry you can wait and see how the Honda looks behind the hype. You may miss this years peak riding season though. You should take into consideration as mentioned the handling characteristics, physical size and dealer support. Both no doubt will be very competitive, just don't buy the color you like best, it's going to get dirty anyway.. :)

You cant beat the Yamaha. It will take Honda 2 years to get the bugs out of the CRFX. and I would not look forward to removing the sub frame just to rejet on the Honda! :)

read dirt bikes test on the crfx250 they say it blows the Yamaha away fells 15 lbs lighter and has the best chasis, suspension and engine combo ever in a bike, I have had two Yamahas, 12 Hondas, I tried Yamahas but when I was left three times in the middle of the desert by two different Yamahas 01 yzf426 and 02 wr250, Never again will I own blue, Out of 24 years of riding and probally around 90,000 miles on off roads bikes Hondas have NEVER left me ever! There is something to be said about that

This is my first Yamaha. Before this I had a 2001 XR650r. It let me down twice out in the woods and once on the street causing me to almost get hit by a car. I am not saying that it is an unreliable bike, it is a DIRTBIKE. They do breakdown. My Yamaha has yet to break down and has brought nothing but smiles to my face. The powerband in this thing is like nothing I have ever ridden. It completely rips. Before the XR, I had 2 suzukis and a kawasaki. All of them broke down at one point or another. I maintain my bikes meticulously. The XR had ONLY Honda HP4 semi-synthetic motor oil after break in. The point of my story is that all bikes break down. Even the "bulletproof" XR. My unreliable Yamaha has yet to leave me stranded and has twice the fun facter as the XR. So if reliability is a concern when choosing between the WR or the CRF. I would certainly not discount the WR. THe thing is an animal in the tight eastern woods where I ride. I could not think if a bike ID rather have. This is my first YAmaha, so I am by no means brand loyal. My next bike could be anything. Good luck in you quest. :D:)

I think you oughta wait and check out the new Honda when it comes in. After you buy the first year production run, you can inform us of all the problems that it has and what needs to be improved.

Then when Honda has it right, let us know so we can compare it with the Yamaha. :)

Yea, that sounds like the ticket!


I have recently ridden the CRF450 in tight woods, and own a WR450F. They are much different. If you want the faster engine, meaning more power and totally reliable thrust when you need it, get the WR450. If you want to go in a straight direction very fast and be totally stable, get the WR450. :D

If however you want to ride in single track woods you will be much better off with the Honda CRF450. It simply turns much easier and faster, and is much easier to ride fast in the tight stuff....It also turns better on a flat track course :)

If you can stand the wait then do so. I'm sure the Honda will be good.

On the reliability issues let me add this.

Hondas do break down, I've yet to see a Honda dealership without a service department. :D

I've logged many trouble free miles on Hondas, Yamahas, and Kawasakis. You can get a lemon from any of these manufacturers. I've been lucky, but know of others who haven't been so lucky. I am not brand loyal at all, if Harley Davidson made a kick-butt enduro that was reliable I'd buy it. :) I looked at what was available and choose the Yamaha. So far I've been really happy about my choice. :D

Getting back to the original post, When will the 450X be released? I was at a big Honda dealer last weekend and they informed me that their Honda rep was telling dealers that the 450X is far away... I don't know what to believe..... If I were you I wouldn't hold my breath for the 450X, they could be a year or two away. It's hard to beat the WR450f or the KTM450exc. Both are better off road bikes than the rest.. (only my opinion).. :)


The other issue is that there's a rumor that the CRF450X may not have e-start (the new Honda quad doesn't have it and the YFZ does...hmmm). It's hard for me to believe that they would bring the bike out without it given the current market competition. When I bought my WR I thought the e-start wasn't an important factor for me but now that I've had it awhile they'd have to pry it out of my hands.

HOw long you going to wait for Honda to make an enduro version of the bike? It has now been 2+ years since the R came out.

From my talks with the factory rep, there never has been plans for a X version of the 450. Only the 250s.

The other thing about the honda CRF450s, is if they do not increase the amount of oil for the crank, you would not want the bike. The specs is to fill the oil every 4 hours of riding. Not the best idea for an enduro bike! especially 4 stroke where most of us like the idea of not having to carry oil with us to use when refueling the bike!!! Racing on the 450s they also have crank problems! 3 races max if you are lucky at the pro level on a crank.

Just some things to think about.

3 races!?!?!?! That's horrible..............

I have an 03 WR and it has been a great bike for everything from off road to Moto with suspension work. One thing I will say, I road a CRF 250 and really felt like it handeled unbeleivably, It seriously cornered and I felt like I was sitting IN the bike. I think the Perimeter Frame allows so much lower center of gravity. After I rode the CRF 250 I climbed back on my bike and when I took off I felt like when I went to turn I needed to Honk the Horn. What a Tank! I felt like I was sitting on top of the bike compared to In it. I would wait and test ride a honda if you already have bike that can hang in there until one comes out. I also feel like the WR for after market parts plastic/Graphics/ complete seats availability has been pretty lame. I Love the Bike and Will probably keep it forever but I will probably be picking up an 05 Motocrosser to cover that end of the spectrum. Plus, I have a License Plate. :)

Unfortunate;y, Matt is correct. There has been no conformation or denial that a CRF 450X is coming. Be a dealer, I can tell you that Honda doesn't keep a secret very well at all. So...either Honda is keeping one hell of a secret a secret or there is no 450X coming in the next 400+ days... My feeling... nothing until possibly end of 2005.


I have a friend who bought the CRF450 in France, imported from Italy where HM make an enduro version of the bike. These are reputable guys in Europe and have distribution all over Europe so its not a 'corner cafe' kind of outfit.

website : http://www.hmmoto.it/inglese/

Anyway...his takeaway, for the kind of riding here (tight lowish speed singletrack/woods) - gearing is way too high. He has major trouble getting the thing to climb tricky sections due to inadapted gearing

Technical: frame makes for tiny fuel capacity. How do you extend that ?

Piston: The thing came new with a piston & other stuff. Recommended change every x hours !!! Cant remember the hours but was low. Oil capacity - minimal - given wear on piston (he hasnt changed it yet) he needs to top up after every ride.

air filter - not in a housing. Directly accessible behind the side plates. Get in trouble in water and you could drown easily.

reserve - NONE - the gas tank does not have a filter/reserve built in a la WR. He has no idea when he will run out. The gas flow on/off is not on the tank but on the feed tube to the carb

Also, electrical system is a bolt on and is a little erratic. Original mx version obviously not designed for extensive wiring harnes.

His takeaway is that this may be a fine racing moto x bike but that the base design is not adapted for enduro use due to the inherent base of the design for moto x and all the light weight design built in for moto x makes for inadequate modifaction to enduro. (gas capacity, no reserve, air filter, oil capacity...

He will likely sell and by a WR !

I have another friend who bought the same bike (on order) based on his experience of being hosed on his XR400 by CRF450's in the Dubai desert. He moved to Switz. recently and will be riding tight greasy singletrack too.

I'll keep you updated on his story but I have a feeling the outcome will be the same.

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