A little help regarding FMF exhaust please

Hi, I'm new here and only had my 2005 wr450f for a couple of weeks.


I'm just wonder, it has an FMF system installed with the power bomb header - is it normal for the exhaust pipe to be touching the shock absorber canister? I'm a little bit concerned as it doesn't seem right to me that the canister full of gas is sat on something as hot as the exhaust pipe.



Mine is close, but isn't touching.  There's about 1/4" gap.  I had to adjust the powerbomb and slip-on to get the gap.  It WAS touching when I first installed it.

Loosen everything, put a spacer in there, and re-tighten, then remove the spacer.

Yes as Krannie said

I have Fmf on my 07 wr450 and there is a gap

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