HELP Yzf450 BAD sound from engine! youtube link in text


My new bike i  got ( yzf450 -06) are sounding really bad. 

What can it be? The chims are ok. 

The chain is not that bad.

And the tensioner are good. 


So what is causing the sound?

In the first place, videos recorded with phones or cameras and played back on phones or computers never sound like anything identifiable.  Secondly, all YZ450's are noisy.  Your best bet is to compare to another similar YZ450 to see if yours is even more noisy than normal (I heard nothing unusual, but it's a recording).


If the bike has a skid plate other than the stock glide plate that fits between the frame tubes, remove it and listen.  Aftermarket skid plates can amplify noises by contacting the frame at the wrong spot.


You said, the cam chain is "not that bad".  Replace it if there is anything about it that isn't in good condition.  Cheap insurance.

Sounds typical to me

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