Has anyone tried this new 4 stroke race gas??? Let me know what you think compared to VP, if you had to make any carb adjustments

Josh, I just picked up some of the special 4 today,and I got some of the GP-2 last week.I am slated to put this thing on the dyno on Saturday, so I'll let you know. I talked to a very good engine builder who compared the Pro-Mx to the VP MR-8. Some of my drag racing friends say that the Special 4 is awesome, and that the GP-2 was close to VP C-12. By Sunday I will have my own personal opinion plus a dyno sheet. Keep in touch and I'll let you know. Dave

yeah I was going to run the stuff but the only dealer that carries nutec sells it for 19.00 a gallon( yes I said 19.00). so i am gonna runt he VP-C12 its only 5.00 a gallon

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