FMF exhaust

Hey all-I know the exhaust topic has been well beat up but does anybody have opinions about the FMF Ti exhaust system. I have a 35% off coupon for FMF which would put the complete Ti system with powerbomb header for about $400. I figure thats about as cheap as a person would ever be able to get a Ti exhaust system for. Any suggestions whether I should act on this or maybe likes/dislikes of the FMF system. If I don't go with the FMF then I am going to get a DRD.

Thanks for the help :)


check your PM's

I have a FMF Ti on my 250F and love it. The whole system is very well put together. I am running it with the 14" muffler and the 1.5" insert, this quieted it down a little. Overall ... I like it ..

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