03 YZ/WR450F Tech CD (Dealer Issue). Want one?

I have found a CD I had saved from when I worked at a Yamaha Dealer back in the USA. I thought it was lost when I moved but it has reappeared no worse for wear. I made a copy to have a backup and tested it (the copy). The copy works exactly the same as the original. It has minimal PC requirements (if you can access TT your PC is probably OK)and needs Adobe acrobat 5.0 to view the Service/assembly manuals. This CD has the full version manuals/ diagrams/ schematics you get with the bike when new as well as some simple maintenance videos.

If anyone would like a copy of this CD let me know via PM. I just ask that you send a dollar to cover the cost of the cd in a slim case and a self addressed envelope big enough for a CD/slim case to be mailed. Postage for letters from Puerto Rico is the same as the USA. Price for packages is high though so try to keep the envelope small.

I hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot by doing this, I'm just trying to help some TTer's out :).


definitely not trying to steal your story here. however, we have the 250F and 450F service and assembly manuals (and parts fiche too) online at


now then, if you know how and you'd like to do it, you can make an .ISO disk image out of your CD and i'll give you a place to upload it to. then, i'll set up a link to the .ISO image on the thumperfaq page. once that is done, anyone can download the .ISO image and burn it to a CD. i think this would be useful since folks may want to see the videos.

let me know via PM if you want to do something like that.

also, if anyone has tech manuals/info etc for the '04 bikes (or prior years) and would like them hosted, just PM me.


jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Jim, the .ISO or .BIN/.CUE set thing is a great idea. gomopar440, can you use your burner software to pull an image of the CD?

blah blah blah CD blah blah blah 450F blah blah...

Sorry man, I know how to operate the "Make an exact copy" button on my puter, but down/uploading stuff and switching format :)

I'm not trying to make $ off of this, I'm just making sure that I'm not giving away my CD's. They cost me $ so I just ask for the cost per CD to replace. I just figured it'd be something that the general TT population might be interested in :D.

PS: I already asked Brian Bosch if he wanted a copy to put on TT in the archives :D.

??? :) urrr COPY, GOOOD... IsObInCue ungh bad :D :D :D

PM me and I'll see if we can work this out somehow. Like I said I'm definately not trying to get rich here just help the TT peeps.

"Your strange talk of technology and creation of digital images frightens and confuses me - I'm just a caveman."

(pardon the obscure SNL / Phil Hartman reference)

Check 'yer PM, dodge boy!

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