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5/20/16 pacific mx race 30+

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Hey guys , I've recently joined a race series for the first time in my life, I'm 32, and started riding when i was 25.  Never competing in races before.

Last week was my first race. As I expected, my nerves got me, i stalled on the gate drop and as soon as that happen i felt a huge sign of relief. I got going , rode my own race , and placed 4th in the class (out of 8 people). 2nd gate drop i didn't stall, just got a terrible start. I placed 4th in class in that moto as well. (i think i was 2nd to last around the corner.) 


I had my 2nd race last night , completed my 2 motos with a 4-5 , (10 in class) , I got fairly decent starts on each gate drop. I recorded my 1st and 2nd moto with the hopes i might be able to get a few pointers from some of you faster folks. (i will eventually hit the triple)  Please watch the video below and let me know if you see something i should be doing more or less of. 


Keep in mind , this is 30+d  and its my 2nd race. 

Thanks in advance.


Moto 1 :skip to 1:45 for gate drop




moto 2 skip to 1:00 for gate drop


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