So what's this gasket for...?

Just installed the K&P/Scotts stainless oil filter. The dealer said it was a little taller than stock and it didn't need a gasket on the inboard side, even though the stock filters have one. Both stock and this filter have a pressure relief valve built into them on that end, so that if your oil pressure gets to high (cold oil or clogged filter), oil will force it's way through the hole in the back end of the filter and keep flowing. Presumably the theory behind this being that unfiltered oil is better than no oil.

That being the case, you don't need a gasket on that side of the filter, even though the stock filter has one, which I guess is to just to push the filter against the gasket on the outboard end, which does need to be sealed. Funny, it seems like a spring would have been a better choice for that.

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