Gearing question

I typically run a 14/49 combination (factory setup) on MX tracks with several long straight aways and a 14/50 on tighter tracks. I never use first gear with either set up unless I accidentally cram the shifter down too far in a corner (which I do way too often). This makes we wonder how a set up would work where first and second gear were used primarily rather than second and third. Have any of you tried gearing up to accomplish this and, if so, what combinations are you running for MX applications?

most people i know that race run a 14/50 on all motocross tracks

A 14/50 works good for nearly all MX applications, but does anyone ever use first gear? What I would like to know is what chain/sprocket combination would make 1st and 2nd gear essentially the same as 2nd and 3rd when running a 14/50.

well, i dont know if it's possible because of gear lengths, but someone else may know :)

i run a 14/52 on tracks here in az

i run a 14/52 on tracks here in az

I just went to 14/51 but havent ridden it yet. H-bomb has this gearing but never asked about it.

:) I converted mine to a drive shaft got the idea from BMW and we all know how fast and well handling they are OHHHHHH Having fun

Have you read the article in MXA (April) on Tim Ferrys ride. I know its a Factory (Production / Works ) bike but they claim the only use 2 & 3rd having 4 & 5 blocked. Interesting read may add more info here

I rode my new gearing yesterday, man what a difference. Cant hardly believe it, made the bike so much more rideable. Only used first to roll away from the truck, 2nd and 3rd is all I needed for the rest of the course. Except the long table, needed fouth for that. Very happy, if you have 50 buck burnin a hole, put it in a rear sprocket. I bought a Sprocket Specialist's hard anadozied piece. My renthal was worked with only 15 hours on it. Wont go that route again


I used to run 14/51 to stay in 2nd and 3rd, less shifting = less chances to mess up and I'm lazy!

Same reasonning had me running either 14/48 or 14/49, depending on track desing, to stay in first gear all around in the hockey ring AX we do here.

To make first as tall as 2nd gear with stock gearing, you'll end up with quite a gap in between gear. I haven't checked the numbers but I run 15/48 on some bigger tracks (1/2mi and +) that we ice race and 5th top out just shy of 100 mph and 1st look maybe halfway between 1st and 2nd with normal gearing.

I use a 14/51 combination and it works well on the mx tracks where i live at in southeast, Texas. Most of the time you just use 2nd and 3rd gear,4th gear occassionally.

I run the stock 14/49 gearing. I only really use 3rd and 4th on the MX tracks I ride at (occasionally 2nd on some tracks) I rode a guys 426 that had a 50 tooth and I didnt like it as much as the 49. The 49 enables you to rev out 3rd alot more, where as the 50 makes you shift to 4th too early IMO. I think it is really personal preference and riding style.


Where in Southeast TX do you live? I live in the Houston area (Friendswood). I am #393 with yellow backgrounds, maybe you have seen me. Later,


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