can you guys list all the suspension manufacturers you can think of? i need a full suspension job and would like to research the subject instead of taking it to my local guy. anythings appreciated :)

Ditto to thumper4life's question. Has anybody had any problems with a certain suspension service. I was thinking of having race tech gold valves put in since that is what my local guy uses just to keep my suspension local. Any information would be appreciated.


Joe :)


ENZO doesn't have a website, but they can be reached at 714-379-8800 or 714-754-7483.

And about six months ago, Motocross Action did a great piece on most of the suspension shops, detailing the type of suspensions that each shop specialized in. Perhaps this information can be had via their website.


Mx-Tech has done mine and others here at TT. You might want to try and contact John Curea, he posts here.

A couple of years ago I met Kevin in NH at Budds Creek, he brought his forks for Pro-Action to do. He says now, that he was "forked" by PA.


i found an overview of what they did: Pro Circuit's Bones Bacon, Race Tech's Paul Thede, Ohlin's Terje Hansen, Enzo's Ross Maeda, FN Jobe's Georges Jobe....i would only be interested in enzo or race tech though. is there any other suspension companys you know of?

factory connecton did the suspension on my kx. I am VERY happy with the results. I just got my RM so i cant tell you much about R.E.P.

Just had mine done and it works great. Used it at Budds Creek to qualify in two A classes for Loretta's national Regional Qualifier.

i dont know if anyones ever heard of Too Tech. they were featured in a 1999 issue of motocross action magazine as well as a few others.

REVALVING & COMPLETE SETUP (front & rear included) This includes Heavy Duty Shock Rubber Bumper, Oversized Hydraulic Bottoming Pistons, Valves, O-rings, and Oil.

$310 / Set

Too Tech


I'm really under the impression that each shop has a way or bias that fits a particular riding style. This was clearly noted in the MotocrossAction piece.

ENZO and Pro-Circuit are clearly the leaders in hard-core Supercross applications, both in their suspension designs and political clout.

That's not to say that you couldn't find others that offer just as good of a design for this same application. C-Cycle and RG3 seem to be in the same category, but have yet to move up in the ranks.

Race-Tech, in my opinion, has too soft of an approach for the track. Everything from their mid-valve mods, to spring selections, to shim stacks just don't seem to cut it. However, for woods or enduro or general trail, it may be the way to go.

Perhaps you really need to decide what you want and expect from the bike, then go from there.


MX-Tech East Coast Suspension ..


Talk to John, he's a great guy - very helpful

Not a "big name" guy, but I use a local guy named Jeff Slavens. He has done suspension for Randy Hawkins, Kelby Pepper, Ty Davis and a host of others. Jeff does great work but the downside is you'd have to ship it to Colo Spgs.

PM me if you'd like the number...


Lets Add

There a Mom and Pop in Tres Pino`s CA here near Hollister CA. They do some real good work. I do my own work but they helped me in understanding Inverted fork Tech when I ask some questions. :)

thanx you guys, you are really helping me out here! :)

I had RG3 do mine - setup for a 250 pro rider. its was great. Then I rode my Friends CR250 with MX-Tech. It was awesome so I hade them do my extra set setup for 250pro at 180lbs - This is the best suspension i have ever ridden with PERIOD!!!!!not saying the RG3 is bad stuff I just like the MX-Tech better. try them at

I had my last years 250F done by Devol and was impressed enough to go there with my 450. Very good suspension and the service was quick and the guys are very helpful on set ups. I hooked up with them by riding a friends bike and was impressed enough to go there in 2000. They don't try to get suspension from all over the county because they say they are very busy with there customers in the Northwest.

The first thing I think you need to do is try to make it work doing things you can easily do yourself i.e. springs, fluid levels etc. If you can't get what you want doing that then you pretty much have to decide which core philosophy you subscribe to:

- The school of thought that thinks mod-ing the OEM stuff is the best approach or

- The other school of thought that thinks junking the OEM stuff in favor of theirs is better

Once you've got that far start talking to some companies and figure out which ones tackle the job in the way you agree with )mod-ing or replacement) With that said, I'll offer the following:

I had factory connection do my 2000 KX 250 that was absolutely EVIL before I sent it off to them. They did an outstanding job, everything was spot on, and they worked with me to get it back quickly for an important race I needed to run for a series. Their parts are top notch also i.e. upgraded bumpers, seals etc.

I have heard many a horror story about Pro Circuit, I've heard enough to scare me away from sending anything there for suspension work.

I like some of Race Tech's hardware but you call there 4 different times and you'll get 4 different people with 4 different theory's/recommendations (all pretty radically different too). When I was shopping around for the KX work that scared me away from them (not for their hardware though).

I've emailed Rich Johnson from Too Tech reference doing some work on the YZF and he was really responsive. I'd send my stuff off to him but I got enough tips from his website and off TT to make my scoots suspension pretty dang good without sending it off.

The bottom line I have for you is pick a place that makes you feel like you're getting good personalized service (not assembly line work i.e. Pro Circuit) and preferably IMHO one where all the technicians are singing off the same sheet of music.

My $1.25 :)

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