Time Between Overhaul

Hey Guys, How often do you replace the topend on your 650R. I hopped on a buddys 03 yesterday and man it felt like a whole different animal than my bike(2000 w/approx 15,000mi :) who knows...I bought it used..)

It had way more pull off the bottom and was alot smoother throughout the powerband. We are setup nearly identical. He has a Full FMF TI VS. My Pro Circuit T4 Setup but other than that and a maybe a small jetting difference they are identical. I wouldn't think the FMF would make that much of a difference off the bottom than the T4, would it? It's kind of pissed me off to know that my bike isn't running as well as I thought it was. Guess all that HP makes up for my hack job of tuning the pig!

I'm not afraid of tearing the the engine down, but if it is time to dig in am I better off just taking the thing to Barnums and having them do it. Also, what would you reccomend I replace or upgrade while I'm in there(ti valves, kibblewhite springs, cam, sleeve it?, ect....) I don't want to spend too much cash on the thing but I'll keep the bike for at least another 5 yrs so I might as well do it right and make it new again. I want it to be reliable as hell and make as much power as possible without spending big$$$$$$$$ In your experience, what is the minimum amount that I will have to invest in the motor to take it back close to new specs?

Dave :D

Milage between top end work seems to depend on how often one adjusts the valves. They tend to 'tulip' in just a little while if ya dont adjust those valves every 600 miles.

As for your bikes performance at 15,000 miles-it wouldnt hurt to check the valves first--

I found that a fresh piston, rings, valves was needed before 15k. More important the chain sliders where totally worn down, and one of the links in the cam chain was partially broken. The stage two cam wore the rockers as well.

SO i would guess 15k is not all that far away from re-build time. Depends on oil change history, how hard ya ride it, etc. Fresh valves make a BIG difference!

Yeah, I'd imagine the valves are probably streched a little by now. I wish I would have bought it new so I had a better idea of the maintenence history. Can I get a good Idea of general condition with a compresion test? If so what is the new compression range on the bikes? Is this a do it yourself job? I've noticed how shops seem to find all kinds of other things wrong once they get in there and start working. I don't want to get nickel and dimed to death. I'm not implying this about any shop in particular, It's just a trend I've noticed over the years.

I will probably use a new stock piston but what about the valves and springs? Go aftermarket?

Thanks, Dave

If i were you i would call Rob Branum at Barnumspro.com and just rap with him on the phone about your options. Tell him what your goals are with the bike, your pocket book, riding style, etc. He is both the most approachable and most informed BRP guy on the planet. He does these kinds of jobs on the BRP all the time...

As for your options:

Kibblwhite have the best valves/springs

Ross and OEM Honda make the best pistons

Carillo makes the trick rod

XR's Only has a trick heavy duty crank

HRC make a couple good cams for the BRP

all the above is gonna cost ya more than a grand.

add a cam chain, gasket kit, etc. and parts alone can approach $1500-$1700 or more.

Labor depends on you taking them an engine, or a complete bike. Suffice to say its gonna cost ya high teens to 2K-a lot more if ya have the local Honda shop do all this!!!

But then your BRP will absolutley rip for the next 15K miles...

Call Rob- he's easy to talk to and a straight shooter.

Check the valve clearance and check compression. I bet one or both of these are beyond tolerance at such high mileage.

Holy Crap! :D High Teens :D Wow that's not what I was expecting to hear but sometimes reality sucks :D

Good to know though, thank you! I think I might do a little diagnostics on the engine before I get in any further. I was just guessing about the milage. I was just figuring off my own riding habits. I have had it 13 months and have put on 8000 miles. I figure if the previous owner rode half as much as me I was looking at around 15 thou or so. Who know's.... it still runs great, it just doesn't have the smooth tight feeling a new one does. One compression check...coming up!

Just thinking out loud here... Should I just buy a clean 03 or 04 bike and transfer all my goodies to the new one? Hell , the 2000 should be worth $3500 or so. Seems like I'd be better off doing that than rebuilding it for $1700 or so. What would you guys rather have a rebuilt with some performance mods or a clean stock engine?

Hmmmmmm....a new bike.....now there's an idea :)

Yeah a full blown race motor aint cheap! Maybe thats not what you need right now. Adjust the valves and let us know how she feels!

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