2016 Yamaha YZ450F: How to remove the Shock

There probably are many ways to get to the shock to remove it but this is the simplest and quickest way.  Yamaha really did a great job with this design.


1. Remove the seat 

2. Remove the Air Filter Case Cover

3. Remove The lower shock bolt then the upper.  You will have to wait to remove the upper bolt due to the gas tank fuel line and capacitor wire blocking the hole.  Remove when gas tank is removed.

4. Remove the 4 bolts that hold the side cover scoop, remove the 1 bolt that holds the gas tank.

Pull the gas tank up wards then reverse and lay on sub frame.  You will now be able to remove the shock.  Pull the shock up through the opening and you are done.


Very quick and easy...You do not have to remove the tire, sub frame,  the pipe or the side panels.



That's exactly what my manual said to do.  Thanks for posting.

That's exactly what my manual said to do. 


That was my thought, too.

I found a page that stated what bolts to remove but not the sequence to get to the shock....Unless I missed that in the manual..  Thanks 

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