Who changes the position of their rear brake lever??

I went riding yesterday and I kept finding that I had to lift my foot to use the rear brake lever and then in order to use it without locking up the rear wheel I would have to hold my foot off the peg. Then after I put my bike in the truck I was looking at it and the rear brake lever is up above the peg. So my question is do you lower yours and if so how much(i.e. just below the level of the foot peg or down farther).

Thanks in advance,

Yes, I lowered mine. I also lowered my footpegs with the "free footpeg mod", and now find that I can't lower the back brake lever as far as I would like, resulting in me using more back brake than I need, and sometimes killing the engine by locking up the back tire coming into a corner.

Mine is all the way to the lowest adjustment.

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