kx65 forks on klx110

Will 2000 kx65 forks fit on my klx110?

they should but im not entirly shure

The KX/RM65 fork swap is what I plan to do, but it requires swapping in the entire front end - forks, triple clamp, wheel, and brake system. It is the only way to get a "factory" disc-brake front end on a KLX/DRZ110 - unless you don't mind the added height of a KX80 fork (I have a '85 KX80 front end for sale if anyone is interested).

Sticky point #1. The KX/RM65 steering stem uses tapered roller bearings, whereas the KLX/DRZ110 has loose ball bearings. Here are two places where you can get custom tapered bearings to replace the balls in the KLX/DRZ110 (or KX/RM60 for that matter)...



Sticky point #2. I am not sure what will be used as seals for these bearings when used with the KX/RM65 triple clamp...

Sticky point #3. WHERE CAN I GET AN ENTIRE KX/RM65 FRONT END!! Those bikes have not been in production all that long, so there is not that many used parts available, especially when compared to a KX60 or 80. I have considered buying a used KX65 and parting out what I don't use. Any ideas?

There is a kx65 front end, forks and triples on ebay right now.

Thanks, theroyz71. Yeah, I saw it right after I posted the message. Now I wonder if I'll be bidding against other TT members!


Go for it. I decided not to bid this time around.

Well, I have good news and bad news...

:(The Bad News. As a BOLT-ON fork swap, the KX/RM65 fork will NOT fit on a KLX/DRZ110. The KX65 stem is about 1/2 inch too short (or the KLX head tube is too long, depending on how you look at it). Believe me, I have tried all manner of tricks to get the triple clamp to fit, but as a BOLT-ON fork swap, it won't happen.

:)The Good News. There are ways to adapt things to get the KX65 fork to fit (you may have seen a TwoBros KLX110 running around with a KX65 front end). First, a KLX110 (or KX60) stem can be swapped onto a KX65 lower triple clamp, but this is a tricky affair because the stems are not just pressed into the lower triple clamp like the big bikes - they are welded! Not to mention that the diameters at the base are different between the KX and KLX.

The head tube on the frame can cut off and machined - or replaced - to accept the standard KX65 triple clamp. Lots of work!

:DThe Best News. I have talked with an aftermarket triple clamp manufacturer who may be able to produce an alloy KX65 lower clamp with a KLX110 stem. It won't happen overnight, and the market demand will play a big part, but they said it could easily be done - given enough time and money.

I'll keep you up to date with what I find out...


Thanks for the info CaptDan.

I have a 2003 DRZ 110 with a kx 65 front end on it and it works great. You don't need to cut and weld your head tube.



High Performance Minis Suzuki DRZ 110.

*Takegawa Stage III 135cc Big Bore Kit.

*Two Brothers Exhaust.

*Mikuni 26mm Racing Carburetor.

*Heavy Duty Clutch With 4th Gear.

*Pit Boss Racing 4" Extended Swing Arm With Race Tech Long Travel Shock.

*KX 65 Front Suspension With Custom Valving.

*Heavy Duty Foot Pegs With Mount.

*Tag Mini Play Bars.

*Excel Rims.

PAX Racing is now making triple clamps that accept the KX65 forks. I'll be calling around tomorrow trying to find a front end.



Me to motorep better hit the phones early LOL,if ya find more than one set let us know ill do the same LATER JC

call procircuit thay have some nive camps forthe 110 to use 60 or 65 forks and there clamps have a stock and forward bar position,raises bars up and you can lower forks down 0-2" witch will raise bike.i have there clamps on both my 110s and there buy far the nicest iv seen so far.

You can use any billet top and bottom clamps set for a kx 65.You need to machine the bottm clamp so the steer tube is ressed in more.Not hard to do.

I have a set of brand new in the box from Kawasaki front forks for an 04 KX65 for sale.Paid $424.00 for them..Pm me if interested.

Hi I am a new guy on the block!! I have a KLX110 & also have a set of KX65 forks,triples,front wheel ect. how exactly do you get it to fit w/out modifying anything? I am in the process of perhaps cutting the steering stem out of the KLX & replacing it the KX65 triples. I've tried everything everyone else has mentioned also. But the steering stem is just to short. So if there is anyone who as actually done it them selves Can you please tell me how? I called Pro Circuit They dont make one to fit the KLX that will ecept the KX65 forks. :thumbsup:




I've been in conversations with 3 aftermarket suppliers, one retail owner, and one private party, and I have yet to find a satisfactory (bolt-on) solution to the KX65 triple clamp/KLX110 frame delimma. I had a KX65 lower clamp "modified", but the level of quality is such that I would not trust to put it on our bike.

Did Motorep or JCMINIS get a PAX Racing triple clamp?


You can use any billet top and bottom clamps set for a kx65. You need to machine the bottom clamp so the steer tube is ressed in more. Not hard to do.

What bearings did you use - the stock ball-bearings, the aftermarket tapered roller-bearings, or something else?

It seems there are enough people out there working on this that a solid fix should be available, right?

I don't want to butcher another triple clamp... :thumbsup:

rjracing, I'll be in touch...


No, not yet. I just picked up an '05 RM250 so I've been spending money on that. I do have 65 forks and I have spoken with PAX and they do indeed fit with their clamps. The clamps use tapered bearings if I remember correctly.



The tripples ($300.00)use tapered bearings ($40.00) Make sure he cuts the steering stem long enough!!! But they do work. I have them on my KLX110 :thumbsup:

For triple clamps that will allow you to bolt KX/RM65 forks on to the KLX/DRZ110, check with...

Kevin at Flight Hardware (www.flighthardware.com)

PAX Racing (www.paxracing.com)

Cameron at Billet Racing Products (www.brpit.com)

Some of these come with tapered roller bearings.

Good Luck!


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