WR450F '2012 capricious headlight

1) I switch on ignition, headlight stays off, fine so far.

2) I start the engine, headlight stays off, weird, but ok with me.

3) I get going, headlight comes on, stays on.

4) Once it had lit up, it stays lit, no problemo.

5) I kill engine, headlight stays on, cool and ok.

6) I switch off ignition, headlight shuts off.


Is that basically correct?

Does the EFI decide to delay headlight till seizably "after" engine firing up?


The weird part is 2)  :  The time (distance??) the headlight "waits" before beginning to light up varies a lot.

Sometimes it stays off the whole ride from the movies back home (bad), can't be right.


So: What's wrong with my WR, and why?


Check your headlight relay and the headlight plug.


Should start with park light > headlight after engine start > Headlight until ignition turned off.

I would like to mount a off switch for trail riding, better to fill up the battery when the sun is out, anyone changed switch?

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