FMF / Spark Arrestor End Cap

I was just wondering if anyone has gotten this to work with the stock YZ pipe?

I searched and found some other posts regarding doing this but most said it couldn't be done, I was wondering if anyone had (yet). Thought I should check before I blew a wad of cash that I might have spent better elsewhere :) .

Im also thinking promotobillet if this 50$ cap doesen't work for me. Anyone have any experience or recommendations otherwise?

Thanks All,


Link to the end cap in question

I think the problem you will find, even if you are sucessful in mounting the cap is that in the eyes of the law, your spark arresting system is not US forestry approved.


I think the endcap is stamped with the forestry seal? the s/a screen is sitting right in the endcap and is very visible.

If i get an (overly anal) EPO that actually wants to check, ill point in that direction and should be cool. If nothing else, at least I made the effort to *try* and get something on there USFS approved :D , maybe Ill get leniency :)



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