need help with black plastic body parts for 2016 WR450

I just bought a 2016 Yamaha WR450 and I would really like to get a set of plastic body parts that are black. I've looked around the Internet with no luck and have come to the conclusion that no one is making black 2016 plastic body parts yet.


I thought about painting my plastic parts but I've had limited success with paints like Krylon Fusion, and I would like to keep my plastic parts new if possible so I could put them back on if I sell the bike.


The other thing I've considered is buying a plastic part set for a different year and modifying it to fit. I wouldn't mind doing that because I enjoy DIY stuff, but I don't have enough knowledge to know what part set might come close to working. It would even be okay if most of the parts would fit and I could paint a couple of my parts black to complete the set.


I've only been a member of Thumper Talk for a short time but in that short time I have learned that there is more knowledge here than in several other places put together, so if there is a solution to my problem I'm sure it will be found right here. So if anyone has any ideas I will appreciate your thoughts.


                                   PS.  I hope I posted this in the right place.


Contact the aftermarket companies






It works great for the aftermarket gas tank plastic, but not the body parts plastics

Thank you KRANNIE for pointing me to the right forum. I have checked the websites of all of those companies but I haven't called them yet, but I may have to do that if nothing else works out. Some of them have the factory colors for the 2016 WR450 but none of them have the black kits listed. I think I can get the black fenders easily enough it's the rest of the parts that have been the problem. 


jimmym I read the article about dying the parts and that would be a unique way of doing it but sense KRANNIE says it only works on the tank I'm not sure if I want to be the first one to dip a part into a tank of dye. And I believe my tank is black already.


I guess calling the companies and asking them if they even make black parts for the 2016 would be the way to go, I  was hoping that someone here had tried an earlier year parts kit and made it fit by drilling a few extra holes, but I guess I'm not going to be that lucky.



Just as well.


Once you go black, you start wearing Skull and Flame shirts with flat bill hats.....

KRANNIE I can assure you with absolute certainty that my shirts bear no logos, pictures, or advertising of any sort. And my baseball hats bill has not been flat since the day I bought it and in fact is perfectly curved to shade my eyes. And the only time the bill faces any direction but forward is when I turn it around so I can get my camera close to my face. And I can say this after having driven all black pickup trucks for the last 20 years.


There's two reasons I would like to have it black. One is, black is just so cool. The other is, it might help disguise it and make it less noticeable to drive by bike thieves. I could be very wrong about the thieves, but I think some of them are looking for specific motorcycles, and having it all black might make it look like an old beater if they just glance at it.  But I've got good insurance in case that doesn't work.



I finally gathered all of the plastic pieces to turn my 2016 WR 450 black. Well almost all of the pieces.

I couldn't find the white plastic cowl, fairing thingy that the headlight mounts to. All the ones I found in black had a headlight attached to them and they were very expensive so I decided just to paint the thing with Krylon super Maxx in gloss black and its worked out okay.

I had been looking for a kit that had all of the parts in it and that's what I couldn't find anywhere but once I found out there were black plastic pieces out there I just had to buy them one at a time I started looking for a place that had the most of them in stock and That place turned out to be "Rocky Mountain ATV MC". so I ordered all of the Acerbis pieces from them. The piece that I couldn't find besides the headlight thingy was the rear fender. I looked high and low for a black rear fender and was about to give up when I figured I would just buy a black YZ450 fender and make it work. I did make it work but it was far from perfect, the way I had to mount the tail light was kind of ugly but the biggest problem was the battery compartment and all the electronic gadgets that are attached to the metal plate the battery sits on. The YZ fender is a completely different shape in that area and takes up a lot of space where the battery should be. The only thing that saved me was I had just bought a Shorai lithium iron battery and it's so tiny it fit in that limited space.

By the way I weighed the batteries on my postal scale and the factory battery weighed 4 lbs. 8 oz. and the Shorai lithium iron battery weighed 1 lb. 7 oz.

I'm really not liking the way the whole rear fender turned out so if I ever find a black one for a WR450 I will replace the cobbled together thing that I've got now.

All the other parts fit like they were made for it and went together quickly and easily. The weird thing is each part came in a bag with a label that said it was for some other model or some other year or some other size bike, the only thing that was labeled to fit my motorcycle was the front fender, But in the end everything fit just fine.




black 2016 WR450.jpgblack WR450 2.jpg

Looks great.  How has the black paint been holding up on the front headlight bezel?  I have been having difficulty finding a black one to buy as well.

Actually the paint has held up very well. I had one small area where there was an inside corner that I guess I didn't clean very well and about half an inch of paint peeled off. and that was my fault, Other than that,  I'm very happy with it.

So I would say the Krylon Maxx paint worked very well as long as the parts are very very clean. But if it does get scratched just spray the scratched area It doesn't look all that bad, and after all it's a dirt bike.


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