$6100 OTD in Northern Ca for a 250f??

Hey All,

A buddy of mine just got back from San Jose and they want to sell him an 02 yz250f for 6100 out the door. My question is, is that a good deal or can he do better. They won't throw in a pipe or any gear but they will give him a 20% discount on 'stuff' when he buys the bike. It seems a bit high to me.

Also, and this is the good one, the guy told him that if he gets a red sticker that he would only be limited from riding on high smog alert days! I don't remember reading/hearing this ever! Is this guy just making a sale or is that the law?

Thanks as always!!


I would think that $6100 is a good deal for here in California. I personally bought mine out of state from Aleks Powersports back in December for $5500. I havent registered it yet, I have a second bike so I flip the sticker between the two but am hoping that I will get out of paying sales tax or I will just box the bike up and sell it out of state.

I am no expert on the laws revolving around the red sticker, but it is true that if you have a red sticker you are only supposed to ride during certain times of the year and not on High Smog days. I think this is targeted more towards the folks down south though and places like Hollister Hills dont enforce it at this time. But you can bet your money that within the next few years these red sticker laws will take effect and it wont be just here in California either. I know KTM is making a Green Sticker legal 400 or 520 or both and it is just as quick so if they can do it there is no reason that Yamaha and Honda cant.

Hope this helps,

The Hoot...

The issue involving green and red stickers has yet to settle.

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) and the EPA are under pressure to lower pollution levels in areas deemed high. Mainly, the state of California.

This began with the automobile, and will now extend to everything from dirt bikes to BBQs to anything gas powered such as lawn mowers.

However evil this may all seem, there is no government plot to rid the world of dirt bikes or all things fun. That's not to say that certain organizations aren't having some influence.

In either case, this is why there is no clear law on the green/red sticker issue, which is also why many of the DMVs were/are still sending green stickers out, and which is why the parks department has been sensitive to allowing red sticker bikes to operate unless pollution levels reach excessive amounts for a given day.

Besides, the whole dirt bike thing represents just too much revenue for too many people. That alone can never be over-powered by the radical environmentalist groups.

For the record, there are going to be many opinions on this issue simply because the law was never finalized on this matter. If you think a Sheriff has the legal right to issue a citation for having a red sticker, you need to see a lawyer, (but don't ever argue with a cop). And of course, the dealers will tell you whatever they think is right or wrong given the information they have. But of course, they want to sell bikes.

The gist of the matter is that a single 2-stroke dirt bike can produce pollutants equal to or in excess of 180 full size cars. This is why we now have the 4-strokes that we do.

By as early as 2003 or 2004, the 2-stroke will no longer receive additional development unless some genius finds a way of developing a cleaner burning machine. Therefore, 4-strokes, in combination with a collection of some emission control devices, will be the dominant technology.

And in the future, the whole red sticker program will fade away just as smog checks for late model automobiles have.


Yet another excellent post, Dave. I just read online this morning where the Supreme Court has given the go-ahead for the EPA to proceed with it's cleaner air policies. Aparantly big industry has been fighting this since 1997. There are sure to be some interesting changes for all of us in the next few years.

Back to the topic at hand-Man, I am glad I don't live out West! I just paid $5200 OTD for a leftover 2001 426! :)


guess what?

bush just turned the EPA's budget into a big Zero.

while the supreme court may allow the epa to do what it wants, the epa can't enforce anything without a budget for the resources to do it.

also, since the epa is an agency, they can't petition congress for a increase (same as nasa). so they are now very powerfull, but without any soldiers. things are not always so cut and dried with politics.

Sunruh-I should have stated that what I read was a quick and dirty report online, definitely not the definitive source, either (Yahoo!). I can imagine that things will change as our leaders do. As always, the only constant is change. For now, at least, we may have some stability for a short while.

THat out the door price is high for Ca. I am in Orange co. I got my bike in Oct. I got out the door under $6 k. Just under. But that was at the begining of the model year not the end of the year. New model year comming out soon, he should get a better deal than that.

Just have him call around and he will get prices that beat that one.

good luck

Thanks All,

I've been checking ALL over Ca and finding that the $6100 is a pretty good price OTD. I did fing one for $5400 OTD but that's past LA and when you add up the gas, time, etc...it's almost not worth it...unless we can squeek in a trip to Gorman on the way home!


Thanks again for the "straight talk." You always manage to hit the mark...


Ego, or is it Ahole, :)

I thought the 54 otd was pretty good considering I did some serious shopping (or so I'd like to think). I found this price at Temecula yama...

I think shipping will be less than 200 so I might just have is shipped up north.

If you can find a better price I'd love to hear where..I am not partial to any dealer...


I go by Both Depends on how pissed off I got ya :)

Dont know what to tell ya, I guess its your personal pref and how bad ya want it. Look at the facts of shipping cost as comparied to pickup yer self. You are in Livermoore so Sac to San Fran is in your reach all the way to Gilroy.

So take a day or two out, circle all the bick shops in a 50 to 100 mile radius and start showing up with cash n hand. :D

I got my '02 426 in December here on the central coast of CA for $6000 OTD. I walked in and said "You want to sell a bike today?" We sat down and their price started off at $6900. I said nope and showed them a copy of Yamaha of Cucamonga's sale price of $5200 http://www.yocracing.com/bikesls.htm#Play%20bikes (They currently have a '02 250f listed at $5299) After some dicking around they finally sold me the bike. They were pissed and I was happy :) Don't give into their BS that they can't sell it at that price. Just remind them that they screwed the guy before you when they got $7000 from him. Good luck!

Tuesday, I bought an '02 YZ426F at Berkeley Yamaha for $5750 cash OTD - which rivals the best deal you can get in SoCal where they have upwards of 30 units sitting on the showroom floor. I arranged the whole thing via phone and faxed them a letter of intent with all my registration particulars (address, CDL #, DOB, etc.). By the time I showed up at the dealer about (30 minutes later), I simply had to sign two forms, hand them my check, load up, and within an hour-and-a-half, I was bombing up a steep hill climb at Carnegie topped out in third gear. If the entire time I actually spent at the dealership was over 10 minutes, I'd be highly surprised. Ask for Scott and tell him you were referred from Tim Golden (the big guy that got tired of dinking around with his '01 WR426F). You can get a YZ250F all day long in SoCal for approx $5,200 + fees (search cycletrader.com), so you should be able to replicate the deal I got on my YZ426F. In any event, Scott is a straight-shooter that seems willing and able to do quick deals that actually [God forbid] sometimes actually benefit the consumer! Hopefully he can save you $350 bucks and help you avoid having to drive to san Jose - which is a hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy! By the way, avoid Concord Yamaha like the plague. Good luck.


Were did you go ?

I have seen + - Numbers in Sanjose GP, Yamaha SJ and Gilroy Do some Shopping MAN Do Some Shopping

Also How Bad Ya Want it. I am sure you can get a better deal, The guy I bought the 00 from original purchased it in Santa Rosa, for about 300 bucks lower then San Jose area. He also got the Wht Bros r4 system, thrown in, he did have to buy the header though.

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Hey Tm,

I bought my 01 from Scott also...I second your remarks...he's a good guy. They just can't touch the prices down south.

"Topped out in 3rd" ?? What, no break in...or is that how you break 'em in?? :)

Thanx all, My buddy is going with Temecula and having it shipped up here and still saving @$500

Bleed Blue,


Hey... I only know how to buy these things, I never claimed I had any smarts when it comes to maintaining them properly. In fact, I wonder if it isn't my goal in life to blow a motor at least once a season?!?! Your point is well taken; however, after suffering at the hands of my underpowered WR all last year (I'm 260 lbs. mind you), how could I resist? Had to get my fix. I'll try to do better... next time.

I'm in Charlotte, NC so I know the OTD price across the country will be different. However, the shop I ride for sells me bikes $100 over cost. I paid $5200 OTD for an '02 426 and this was the first one the recieved back in Sept I believe. So I'm fairly confident that dealer cost on the 426 is around $5100. The 250f's I believe are $100 cheaper but I'm not sure that retail prices relate to wholesale prices. Also, I know they were getting a limited shipment of 250f's this year which may effect the price.

Don't know if this helps or not but maybe somebody on here that has a ride where they get bikes at cost and rides a 250f can confirm what cost is. I find knowing what they have in the bike and are trying to make helps bargain with them.

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