Dubach Pipe

I have a 2002 YZ426 with a Dubach pipe. Any body have any input as to jetting changes or if they are needed when using this pipe?

no jetting changes needed..(due to the pipe)

I also own a 2002 YZ426F with the Dr. D pipes. Dubach Racing Development indicated that no jetting changes were needed. However, you still need to make appropriate adjustments for your location (ie. temp.,humidity,altitude, etc.). I'm at sea-level with high temps.(80F - 85F) and high humidity, so my bike requires a leaner mixture. Are you experiencing any problems with the pipes installed?

I have been riding in 45 degree weather so that may be my problem. My bike has been running rough and seems to have lost some top end???

You will need to jet for elements. I just ordered a pipe from Gina yesterday. She informed me that some of their customers found they needed to go with a different needle jet with their pipes. Here's the info she sent me on it.

The jet part number is 5JG-14916-J1

Run it in the #4 position

If you have problems after that, email dubachracing@attbi.com They are extremely good about helping.

Kfrosty, what does the new needle jet give you if you do not have to rejet? Better throttle response?

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