Handlebars for Tall Rider

I've been going back and forth with friends and mx reps over which handlebar bend is the best for the tall rider.

Now, all agreed that new triple clamps with adjustability forward of 20mm is great for a tall rider. I bought them and they work great. I also got taller bar mounts than the standard that came with the clamps.

This is where the controversy begins. Two very respectable sources told me that i should use the shorter bar mounts b/c they will give me more room, whereas the taller, since they are on the angle of the steering head will come back closer to me. Since this sounds logical, then wouldn't taller handlebars also do the same. Crowd a taller rider.

So the ideal set of bars I guess I am looking for are low with as little drawback toward the rider as possible. Basically a flat and low bar bend. I would like your opinions on the opinions I wrote and any suggestions you guys have.

wow....20mm forward from the stock 02 mount??

that is alot... how does the bike turn??? i have a clapm with 4 adjustments..and full forward is 13mm... over stock..i don't think it turned good that far forward.. so i am now 6 mm forward from stock.. now i am think of going back to stock, to see if it turns better...i use the twinwall Emig bend..very flat and straight...

btw i am 6'1"

im not exactly an expert but i would think the angle is not great enough to cause a situation where the bars are pushed back. if your 426 is in a '76 yz 125 frame you might have a problen though.

426 Guy, stock triple clamps on the 02 are already moved forward from previous years. So mine are only moved forward that 13mm like yours. If I could I would like to go another 5mm tough.


I would go with shorter mounts and taller handlebars. The bar mounts will be taller in the direction of the fork angle, so the additional height of the mount will be up AND back. With higher handlebars, you can rotate them in the mount so that the added height is up only, rather than up and back. Clear as mud?

Of course, I have no idea how having your handlebar rotated above the angle of the fork/mounts affects handling.

Thanks for your suggestion. I'm gonna try the shorter bar mounts tomorrow.

Good thread. Here's my input since I had doubts about my bar choice. Initially, I chose the Jommy Button Renthal mated to a Pro Tec upper clamp. This clamp has two choices for bar placement. Stock and 10mm forward. Naturally, I chose the forward mount with the Button bar and thought I would be in Heaven with this setup. WRONG! I'm 5'10' and this setup didn't work for me. I have since opted for a TAG oversize bar that is quite a bit lower and feels much more natural to me. The bottom line here is to try different bar bends/positions to find the one that is best suited for you and your style.

RC's setup would probably be a catastophe for anyone over 5'6"....but it works for him.

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