2003 wr450 still not charging. magneto voltage output

hey guys,


got my wr450 running great but is still not charging the battery.


installed a new rectifier/regulator this morning and I still have the same issues. I have ac voltage at the rectifier but no dc coming out. charging coil resistance is also fine.


my next question is what AC voltage am I supposed to be seeing?


I imagine 6 Volts at idle isn't going to cut It??

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New stator

already has a new stator.


must be a poor connection or something because I eventually saw 12 VAC.


both this 03 bike and my 07 are charging very low even swapped batteries between the 2. but neither have had a dead battery until the 03 did a few weeks ago. perhaps the battery is getting old and marginally reliable on the 03, its a couple seasons old.

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