header pipe

it doesnt make as much difference as silencer.silencer may add 3 to 7 hp.headpipe may only add 1 or 2 hp.

does changing it make much of a differance?

have just fitted white bros "E" end pipe

well pleased .......looking for feed back

regarding fitting front pipe two

thanks in advance people

the header pipe on the WR is good standard, it's unlikely you can gain much here. i fitted the FMF powerbomb header recently & i think it's a little stronger in the midrange. it takes about 1 bhp to feel the difference, so that would be about right.

the "silencer" is worth at most 2/3 bhp across the board which you can really feel. the higher figures-like 7bhp- come from the fact that an open pipe hangs on longer & therefore at say, 11,000-11,500rpm, there's a big gap.

i ride my at 15,000 rpm so this is right in the meaty part of the powerband! not.



i also have a e series muffler,and

recently the front pipe,i can just say

buy it !! it pulls and revs like hell,

the rev limiter has now a hard time.

greetings from holland.

can't beeeeeelieve the differance the white bros has made,transformed the bike now pulls

mingers everywhere 1st /4th....well pleased

carlos,did u fit the whole system in one go

or the fuffler first,trying to determin weather front pipe makes a worthwhile gain

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