2000 426 bkmod

I did the bk mod to my 2000 and the throttle response is great but I still get the bog off the bottom. I frist tried a 45p and it ran with the screw all of the way, so I tried a42p and the bog was worse., no matter what pilot I use there is still a bog. My bike has a stock pipe, set pump to .3sec, raised needle one clip and started with a 168m and now I am at a 165m, gearing is 13-49.Tomorrow I am going to set everything back to stock and see how bad the bog is, although I really like the aceleration of the bk mod. I may just stay with the mod and go with 13-50or51 gearing to get through the bog zone faster.Any suggestions?

Dial in the pump timing, I did this with the engine running. Seemed like I got more performance from setting the pump timing than I did with the BK mod itself. I just played with the pump timing until I could wack the throttle wide open w/no bog, just sitting in the garage. Then I rode it, all I gotta say is Holy Cow! Im running a 168 main 45 pilot, with the stock needle 1 notch richer than middle. But I have a performance pipe too. But Im thinkin the bikes are a tad lean stock. good luck

My experience was the same as Shawn's. Before the BK mod came along, the only other alternative was a Factory R&D accelerator pump plate. While it improved the problem, I still had to adjust the pump timing to the get the little bog out.

Shawn, did you write a little note to Cycle News about Harley's illegal displacement disqualification and their excuse that it was an "accident" ? It's on the bottom right hand corner page 5 of the March 27 issue.

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