Anyone have a used pipe they want to unload?

I would like to buy a used FMF "Q" or similar type pipe for a WR/YZF 450. Thanks and you can email me at Thanks, Chuck :)

Go to FMF and buy one ...

Go to FMF and buy one ...

That's a bit harsh, don't you think? :)

Rekless...I just bought one through my local accessories shop because there doesn't seem to be many of them out there that people want to part with. I had a post on the for sale forum looking for one but nothing panned out. $280 new through my local shop. GREAT pipe! Good luck. :D

Yea,hes my rideing buddy....

See SJW, you ol' #@%$&* :) pick on me and my TT people will come to my rescue....Just jokin', and looking forward to Thursday bro!! rekless :D

Yea,hes my riding buddy....


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