GYTR vs stock '15 WR450

Hi all. Sorry am new to forums so unsure if this has been asked before.

I have a '15 WR450, removed exhaust restrictor, throttle stop, and air box snorkel.

I have been reading up that the stock ECU can be modified with the Yamaha EFI power tuner. I have also read that adding in a GYTR ECU makes the bike more powerful all round.

My understanding is that GYTR tuner only works with GYTR ECU and Yamaha tuner works with stock ECU.

My question is, is there any point purchasing a GYTR ECU if the stock ECU can be mapped (as far as my understanding goes) to match competition ECU anyway?

You can't map the stock ECU. You have to get the GYTR ECU and map it with the GYTR tuner. 

Ozzie bikes come with the gytr ecu I believe,  the USA bikes come with a ecu that can't be modified for smog purposes.

Acorrding to other Aussies, the showroom models are already GYTR converted, and the ECU you have is the GYTR least on the '16 model..........but yes you must change to the GYTR ECU to remap it.....which your bike may or may not already have.

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My ECU has 1DX1 written on it. I've noticed that in most youtube videos the '15 model on other bikes says 1DX2, and the competition ECU has 1DX7 written on it. I've tried searching the net to find out the specs on the 1DX1 but no luck.

HI Gus-dude

If your location is correct (Australia) then you don't need to purchase the GYTR ECU as all WR's brought into Australia through official channels have an unlocked ECU.

Yup, Aus WRs have tuneable ECU as standard. They are pretty much entirely uncorked from factory sans slightly restrictive muffler.

Well I purchased the Yamaha power tuner today. Plugged it in and keeps saying failure to connect to ECU

Run through how you are connecting it to the bike.

Are you turning the bike on (not starting) after you plugged the power tuner in?

Haha silly me! Forgot to put in the new adaptor lead when putting competition parts in. All works now :). Thanks all for the help

Good to see you got it sorted.

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