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RM250 project!

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Hi all! Newbie here!


I've been googling all week and this website keeps popping up so thought I'd just ask my question on here. 


I brought a RM250 rolling chassis and a whole box of engine which has been completley stripped down to its last nut and bolt. We've been through it and seems to have done some serious damage. Cylinder has chunks out of it and cylinder head looks like a bar of aero. I was looking at a second hand bottom end (have a new cylinder) but its a 1983 (mine is 1986) I've looked at several websites that suggest there the same but wanted to be sure. Gasket set looks the same too. 


Does anyone have any advice? Will it fit?


Thank you!

Didn't want to see a RM go to waste but parts seem to be hard to come by!

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suzuki's can be hard to find out what year bikes are , they dont use the 10 digit trick like the others

i would just rebuild your bottom end and put your new cylinder on it 


edit: with the quick and dirty research i just did , i think the 1983 is different to the 1986

1984 was a frame change , they also talk about 'NEW ' stronger engine so my guess is they changed the bottom end

i could be wrong tho

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Thought I'd add an update! I got the bottom end I found on ebay just out of curiosity really! And after a bit of a tidy up...here it is! With the cylinder I had already had. Everything fits perfect! So think its a 1983 engine after all. Still a long way to go but its not heading for a scrap yard :D  


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