Buying 2001 yz426f

I'm looking at this bike and he said it needs the valves adjusted. He said they make noise and heat quick.

Anybody have any info on that? Does it need a cable adjustment or a rebuild..?

Most likely a rebuild. He wants to sell it so he's giving you the best case scenario, which isn't that good. Bike really isn't worth much.

Pay no more than $500. It most likely needs a new valve train along with other things. 

They do heat up real quick, ask him if you can put a leak down tester on it. And make sure you do some hard pulls in 5th wot .

They are notorious for worn dogs in 5th and it will feel a bit like its slipping the clutch.

Unless he's giving it to you, walk away.  There are many quality 450s out there to be had for the same money and will be better bikes.


Good luck.

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