Edelbrock QS tuning Question

I have been having some serious hesitation problems with the QS lately and not sure if it is tuned right. If I turn the throttle quickly it almost dies. Sort of like my stock carb used to do. Is it just set up too rich/lean now any ideas.

You are probably 1-3 clicks to rich. Open the throttle all the way, hold it there, and click the red knob on the top of the carb left 1 click, try it starting it and revving, then another click, etc... Count the number of clicks before you start adjustments so you know where you are at.

Another possible issue is that the pumper is sending to much fuel. If above doesnt work, then adjust the pumper back a bit.

The whole thing should take about 5 minutes to sort out.

Rear seat off, loosen the front tank bolts, lift the rear of the tank up a couple inches to reach under it.

The bike should start a bit easier, wheelie easier, etc.

You are right on when it revs hard right off idle without hesitation.

Have you adjusted the valves lately? Re-packed the exhaust can? Clean airfilter?

Its an easy fix, give it a shot.

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