Aircleaner, YZ426F2000

Hi rider of the dirt,

I am interested in getting the motor save with fresh air! What are your experience with other AirCleaners? Is someone using a K&N Airbox with DynoJet-Kit? Witch K&N-Filter do you use? Are there competitors to K&N with similar filtersytems. Please answer me. Write me an Email:

Thank you very much in advance


Peter from Germany ;-)

I run the K&N on my 426, with a prefilter also. It works great, the maint. is way down, the prefilter is not oiled so nothing sticks to it.

Also about 30% more airflow (20% with prefilter).


thanks for your answer ;-) GREAT! That is what I want to hear. Do you have allthough experince with DynoJet-Kit for YZ426F2000 machines?? Please answer.

Best regards



Mine Caught Fire

Oh Gad Lets not start that up

Sorry Rat :)

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