Im Making Youtube Videos!

Hey! I have had my youtube channel for a while now but have just recently started uploading frequently, I'm aiming for at least 1 dirtbike related video per week or more. These videos will have many things such as crashes, highlights, funny moments, hot laps and just general riding laps.

Hope to see you around,  -BH52

The link states no content.

Sorry, Should  be fixed now


So that look liked it could of been really bad. Would the tide ultimately come up to where you were? Where is the video of you guys finally getting out? Haha what a mess...

Yeah the tide comes way past where we were lol, and annoyingly my go pro goes flat seconds after i cut the video so i didn't get us actually getting out

I had visions of multiple people being sunk in the mud chest deep watching the tide approach as salt water crocs notice the noise :)

I have a YouTube channel too, but the last time I linked a video a lot of TT members were upset about watching me get my pubes waxed (I lost a bet)


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