Gray Wire disconnect

I have done the gray wire disconnect on a 2002 Wr and had a 2 wire connector with a gray wire & black wire and just unpluged the connector. What does the black wire do? It looks like on the wiring diagram that both wires go to the same connection. The bike runs great.

Did you retime the cam as well?

What type of change did it make?


I did the yz cam timing. 170mj ,45pj ,uncorked pipe, adjusted delay on accelerator pump, opened up air box, Ty Davis pj screw, Tuned it up by ear and testing. I can ride on my own track or leave driveway to open desert. Haven't done the BK yet don't know if I want any better reaction off bottom. Planing on Dr. D pipe with original head pipe. I like the top end and as well as I can tell bottom hasn't suffered much at all. Ran today at 4500' for 35 miles and no trouble. Disconnecting 2 wire plug dosen't seem to hurt. I just wondered what the black wire with gray wire does as it seems to be easy to just un plug the thing rather than cut the gray wire.

RobRantzow: I think the conector you are talking about has to do with the head light. The conector has a black and a grey wire and they are on the left side of the bike, opposite the header. Let me know what you think. I have also disconnected this for my dual sport kit on my '01.

The 2 wire connector is on the right side and on the wiring diagram in the owners manuel it shows they both go to a wire that is connected to the coil. And it did change the timing because it flys! I really like the change it wakes up the topend and acts more like a 2 stroke to lift the frontend, however I was just trying to find out if disconnecting the black wire as well would not send some sort of info needed to do something in the CDI unit.

Thanks for setting me straight!! Keep on flyin', have you discovered the fourth gear wheelie yet? :)

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