2007 with a K&N filter and a battery?

I wanted to upgrade my air filter to the K&N YA-2506XD -- Is there enough room between the filter and the rear fairing for a small battery?  I have my 07 yz 450f street legal and have a small battery beside my air filter.  Current the battery tray pushes down slightly on the foam filter.  How deep is the K&N filter?  Do you think there's enough room for a battery?  If not, are there any other locations for a battery?

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Don't know the dimensions, but gauze type filters are not an upgrade.  They breathe a little bit better.  And filter a little bit better, but only for a while.  They can't carry the same load of dirt that foam elements can, and when the reach their capacity, they start passing dirt.  Not on my bike.

Makes sense ... thanks!  Has anyone had/heard any issues running a battery in the airbox?  


I just picked this bike up a few weeks and have about 20 hours on it so far.  The battery doesnt seem to be restricting air flow or anything.  

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