suspension travel question

hi fella's, i posted on here a while ago as i was thinking about buying a wr 400, i ended up buying it but its stood for at least two years so it has a few minor issues. to be on the safe side, ive ordered a carb rebuild kit cos i think the float needle is worn as it leaks when not running, im in the process of re greasing the shock linkage, one of the bearings has siezed but i have it on soak at the mo so im hoping it comes out!

my main question is this, the last owner was a "portly" gentleman 22st! and he wound the coil down to 3/4 of the way down the thread, i have undone it and arbitarily set it at about a 1/4 from the top, can anyone advise me where it should be for a 12 st person! secondly the air reservior is empty, what pressure should this run and as a rough starting point where should the compression damper be at?

many thanks for all you answers



ok, in addition to my previous questions, whilst removing the carb, i noticed what looks like a second choke (red) marked "pull" would i be right in assuming this is something to do with a hot/cold start? the tube bypasses the carb body and would seem to allow air into the inlet tract.on the rear of said lever is a spigot for some sort of pipe, does this connect to something or simply to air like an overflow pipe?

thanks in anticipation


I would put in new bearings for the shock and linkage. You might get the bearing freed up, but it'll probably effect you suspension.


There is no setting that your shock preload should be adjusted to. You set the race and static sag on the bike. Setting should be in manual.


I assume you mean the shock reservoir is empty. Take it to a shop for  rebuild. If it's lost all it's pressure it needs it.


For a rough starting point for your suspension clickers, see the manual.


The red choke is for hot starting. If your bike is fully warmed up and doesn't start on 2 kicks, pull the red knob. Should start right away (assuming carb is setup right).


Not sure what tube your talking about, maybe a picture would help.

Download a factory service manual from Yamaha's web site

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