2015 WR450 overheating

I bought a 2015 brand new and I am having trouble keeping it cool. I am a very new rider so admittedly am slow. I also ride slow single track. I have switched to engine ice and have a trail tech fan kit on order. The bike is already uncorked with a gytr ecu and Fmf pipe.

Any other cost effective suggestions to keep it cool? This will be a dedicated snow bike after this summer.

Have you tried running a richer map?

I have not. It's already pretty thirsty but it's a good thought.

These bikes are not known to be fuel efficient. Try a richer map, I'd love to know if it helps. 

Do you have the GYTR ECU or stock ECU? Sorry, didn't read your post in it's entirety.


I'd add more fuel as others have suggested.

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I have the gytr ecu but not the programmer. Anyone in or near Spokane?

I am running Unabiker rad guards could they block enough air to be an issue?

Make sure your anti freeze is at least 50/50. If it still boils over put in more anti freeze until it stops.

You could buy a higher pressure radiator cap. I installed a 2.0 BAR radiator cap and it solved most of my boiling over problems.  

Replace with Evans coolant and be done.

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I read a long thread about how Evans won't boil out but the motor is still hot with no way to know. I'm not disagreeing, simply expanding the conversation. I would replace in an instant.

Using Evans coolant would make your problem worse. Water is actually the best at getting rid of heat in an engine, but we can't run straight water because of boil over and corrosion issues. Buy your bike a Boyesen Supercooler water pump. It flows a lot more fluid and I noticed a difference in heat. If that's still not enough throw a 12 volt fan behind a rad and call it a day. That is about all you can do besides ride faster, but that will come in time. You bought a race bike and she wants to be raced, and if she isn't racing she gets mad sometimes and it heats her up a little bit. That is just the nature of a high compression race bike.

I have the fan on order and have looked at the Boyesen pump. If the fan doesn't cut it I will go the pump route as well.

Appreciate your advice, only place I ride this thing fast now is into the dirt. Lol

A higher pressure cap will help prevent boiling, since higher pressure allows greater temperature, about 3 deg F per psi. Stock is 1.1 bar (16 psi), the Tusk 1.6 is cheap and works great (23.2 psi), but I even swapped that out for a CV4 2.1 (30.4 psi) and never boil over. Yes it starts running warm/hot if I'm just tractoring around through the brush or get stuck or something, but it will not puke its coolant. I don't let it go too long running like that, but it's better to at least not lose coolant miles back in the woods. I have a Boyesen Supercooler on hand to install, but haven't made time to do that yet. A fan will more than likely solve all problems with this, even with the stock 1.1 cap.

I saw the tusk cap when I was ordering the fan, I will pick one up.

Been doing single track and boulders on 80 to 90 degree days lately with my 15 wr450. Haven't had any problems. You may have a faulty cap.

That would be my luck. Lol

I had a faulty cap on my crf.. get it pressure tested at a radiator place and it should stop leaking air at the caps pressure rate.

I bet the fan kit will make the difference.

Put a fan on my `06 and haven't had a problem since.  The Trail Tech kit allows you to set the temp at which the fan comes on and shuts off.  Since my bike is older, I had to use the universal kit and had to make a mount for the display.  I made a flat panel (bracket) from a sheet of stainless and attached the display to a handle bar clamp bolt so I could see it while riding.  But since it doesn't over heat (boil) anymore, I don't need to see it.  Best mod to make to the bike IMO...especially if you find yourself riding slow...or in my case, on the road.  Yes it's street legal.

Unibiker rad guards should make no difference

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