Another Loud Exhaust Question...

Hi all,

I've waded through many threads here on the subject, but had to ask:

Has anyone modified an aftermarket pipe with their own baffles, etc to reduce sound? The core of my silencer is about 2"dia, and was thinking of trying SOMETHING!

I just got an 02 WR426 with an E series and headpipe, and the bike will be basically unusable (LOUD) from what I am reading.

White Bros says run 4 discs and quiet insert to make 96db. (Geez,I should put a Z50 exhaust on it) :)

I asked about the "Hawkins superquiet Eseries s-bend" that is in their online catalog, and they never heard of it. Hmmf.

So what makes the Q and E2 pass that the others dont have?

ANY help is much appreciated. I want to ride this big girl!



Ebay the E-Series and get a Q... :)

I am impressed with how quiet the Q really is.

You can buy a quiet insert for the e-series. I have the R4 and no quiet tip is availible. It sits on the self and looks pretty. I bought a insert for the stock muffler on ebay it was home made from billet it looks great and works great about 96db. I was thinking of making one for the R4 but it doesnt look as easy as the stock to make.

The custom inserts for the stock exhasut do work well to quiet things

down, but at the expense of power. Just ask ddialogue about the

difference between the stock exhaust w/ PMB insert vs. the FMF Q.

Night and day. :)

Check out Quiet Products in Arizona makes custom cores. Basically, a slightly reduced diameter, 90deg turn down that bolts in is their trademark. You'll have to contact them for prices, but I think around $35-40 for something custom that you install.

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