Hands too big for handlebars?

Ok, this is a wierd one. I have a set of Renthal bars on a 99 YZ400, not sure which model since they were on the bike (used) when I got it. They are fairly thick where they are in the clamps, if that is any indicator.

Here's the prob: Whenever I ride my bike for a long period of time, say, about an hour or so, my knuckles on both hands start to get sore right where the finger meets the hand. I thought my gloves were too tight and putting pressure on the top of my knuckles since I have really long fingers (i'm 6'5" tall and 181lbs.), but that's not the case. The gloves fit fine.

I am starting to think that my hands actually wrap around the bars too far and puts too much tension on my knuckles. What do you guys think? Thanks for any input! :)

Man did you open yourself up for this one :D

I will refrain :)

1: what condition are the grips in ?

2: What kinda shape are you in ?

2A: Ya could be just plain pumping up, could be front end is beating you to death

3: How tight do you grip them bars ?

Are you holding on for dear life or what ? see 2A


Its killing me


Thanks for the suggestion. I might try that out!

Man oh Man I am stil holding back but I will not


I was going to suggest a diff set of grips then, there are pleanty out there that may fit your "HeHaHe" Stop Big Hands from tiring. Could be that the Palm of your hand is not fitting into the grip. Anyway suggest you hit the nearest Whore Dang I mean Cycle shop and test some grips out.

I have a similar problem i'm 6'5'' 215lbs and i find when i'm standing up on my bike alot most of the wait is on my hands and i sometime hold the bar under where my knockels are and they get sore after some time.But you case might be diff.

I get similar hand pain sometimes. When I notice this happening (usually on days when the sand is soft or muddy/slippery) I figure I'm just trying to grip too tightly and I try to loosen my grip. Typically this helps me quite a bit, maybe it's worth a shot if you can't find thicker grips?


I tried loosening my grip a bit almost to the point where the grips were about ready to come out of my hands! It's not a strength issue as far as I can tell or too much pressure, either. I will try thicker "street" type grips and see if that helps.

Ego, suggested a whore...those are "street" issue, too, aren't they? hehe

Thump That was a slip of the grip I mean Toungue.

What I meant to say was

AHHHHHH never Mind.

I am 6'2 205, using pro tapers and some Renthals

soft diamond grip, They work !!. Just a suggestion maybe its the position of the bars or the bar cut itself. Do you have the Stockers to test ride with or another pair you may borrow from a bud ?>

try some pro grips, they have some thicker grips that works pretty good....

I agree on the ProGrips, thes sell the dual sport at least thats what I think they call them. They are way bigger around and have made my hands hurt a lot less since I switched over from the Renthal Soft Full Diamonds.

I think a lot of it is holding on to tight to the bars, in my case I am running the stock suspension and am worried that the headshake that happens every so often will kill me. Therefore I grip to hard, cut off circulation and my hands get numb and hurt.

Im an idiot and need to get some stiffer springs, but am waiting on my custom painted helmet, carbon fiber, excel rims, GYTR Compression release, etc....

Thumpsalad, I have a method you may want to consider, it's similar to what golf club fitters do to custom fit club grips to a player. Go to golfsmith.com. Click on clubmakers homepage and then click on supplies. Get some 2" double-sided tape ($5) and grip solvent ($7). What you do is wrap a layer of tape over the bar the length of the grip (you'll have to trimm the excess width), squirt a little grip solvent on the tape and slide the grip over. Let it dry 24hrs. then safety wire it. One layer of tape adds a lot of thickness to the grip. If you think you need more you can add another layer. With this method you can still use your favorite grip.

Oh boy...Ego, I DARE you to say it. yes, DARE!!! Muhahahahahaha! I don't mind what ya say.

I am in pretty good shape, I don't get arm pump at all and my endurance it good. The grips are in good shape, they don't spin. The suspension is dialed in for desert and is in great shape. The bike is fine. I don't grip the bars ultra-tight, just enough to stay in control.

Thump, you opened yourself up for some abuse! :)

I guess I should "get a grip". :)

Honestly, I can't figure what is causing this...maybe I should shut up since I already dug a deep hole here! hehe

Thump:I have seen people with "your problem" use street bike grips that are big & soft, with lots of girth. (this really is not meant to be funny)


Hey Grashoper,

That's a good tip. I think I will cruise to that Golf (!) shop and look at that tape. I also ordered some new dual-sport grips last night. They are the Pro Grip model 714. They look plush and a lot thicker than the grips I am currently running.

Thanks for all the help, guys!!!

I was out digging a huge hole in my front yard one day and I wasnt wearing any gloves.

A HUGE blister rose up the next day right in the middle of my right palm.

Ever since that day I have had trouble with my palm going numb after about 1-2 hrs of riding.

I dont think there is anything I can do about it because I think I may have damaged the nerves in my hand.

There isnt any chance you have have done that to your fingers at one time or another is there?

Ya know, Milkman...I don't know if I have done any permanent damage. My knuckles don't get numb, they just hurt like hell! It's almost as if you took your fist and hit a punching bag for hours without gloves. My knuckles are so raw feeling after the day that I can't make a fist. Hopefully, the new grips I ordered will help me. They were only $8.00.

Hmmm, Thats very strange.

I used to use the ProGrip dual sport grips and I do like them, however, it seemed like the actually made my palm hurt worse than the smaller grips. Go figure.

Good luck, I hope you figure it out.

There might also be a medical problem such as one of the arthritic conditions, lupus, or gout. Your primary care physician can do a routine blood test to check for these problems. In the interim before having a medical exam, you might try cutting back or even eliminating your processed sugar intake for about 2-3 weeks and see if things improve.(no cookies,cake,pie, ice cream...etc.) Another thing to consider is taking a potassium gluconate supplement. Some of the new joint repair supplements can also help with this problem.

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