YZ426 oil filters

I just picked up a couple filters for my 426. They appear to be brass mesh rather than the paper filters that I'm used to. Is there anything wrong with using them? Is there a better alternative I should consider? 

Yes there is something wrong, although, ironically, those really are the correct original filters.  The problem is that they don't really filter very well.  The brass mesh only filters down to an absolute level of about 80 microns, over twice as large a particle size as allowed by a Scotts, which filters to 35 microns, and which has set the standard for other stainless mesh filters.  The paper filters were introduced for the '03 and later YZ450F and WRF models. 


"Paper" filters work differently, than mesh, and will at the same time catch particles smaller than the Scotts, but also allow some of the particles larger than those allowed by brass mesh to pass. 


More: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/423715-buying-oil-filters-in-bulk-where/page-2#entry3831885

I had previously read that original were brass, didn't know if aftermarket were. 


What paper filter will fit? If it's the same one as my WR that sure would be convenient. I'd rather go with paper than a Scotts, even though the Scotts has some advantages. Making sure it's actually clean is difficult, so there are downsides too (I don't have a parts cleaner).

The paper filters do fit.  One filter part number will service all YZF models from '98 to at least '13. 


There is also nothing to worry about as far as getting a Scotts clean as long as you keep the dirt and dirty cleaning solvent out of the inside of it.  Anything that the steel mesh catches will stay caught, as it will either fit through the mesh or it won't.  Paper filters can stop smaller stuff, but at the same time, they let some of the bigger stuff through, and can release a previously trapped particle. 

I'm surprised that anyone still makes the brass filters in that case. 


HiFlo lists:


WR/YZ 400/426 142

03-08 WR450 141

03-08 YZ450 141

09-16 WR450 140

09-16 YZ450 140


K&N's web site requires you look up individual bikes, but spot checking shows the same. I believe the 142 is the brass filter, I wonder what the difference is between the 141 and the 140. 

The '09 listing with the later bikes is interesting, because the filters that fit the '98 - '08 bikes are essentially identical to the '09, and the filter well design did not change until '10.  In 2010, the filter was flipped over; in the old bikes, oil enters the filter form outside, flows into and out of the filter at the outboard end, into the cover and then into two oil passages to feed the engine.  On the '10 and later, the same filter flows the same way except that the flow out of the filter to the engine is on the inboard end, and no longer flows through the filter cover. 


The difference in listing probably represents a change in the specified media used in the filter element.  It's not a matter of dimension.

I use the Hi Flo filters , have the HF141 and HF142 in front of me now, I have a '00 YZ426 and an '06 YZ450. The HF141 looks like red paper, the HF142 looks like very fine brass mesh, the gasket on the hole end of the HF141 is larger than the HF142, otherwise all the same dimensions.

I have a 141 and a 142 around too. I'll have to buy a 140 and take a look at it too. 

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