Placing that new sticker on PERFECT

This signal to noise is way up again, at least this time its funny. Ego you are definetly a piece of work. The warm water and soap is a good idea for sure. Im not ready yet, but when I am, my big blue fat girl is gonna be lookin sharp.


Why ? I burnt my buddies arm making him hold it up the last time I tried :)

Shawn MC Always a pleasur to let others see the funnier side of things. Ya your right I am a pieve of work arnt I :D

well ya know, you might get the occasional finger in there that burnt off that you gotta' work out of your graphics :)

Used the windex thing and it worked great.

I also used a heat gun. :)


Glad I can help, See I told you all It works, I onl had to pay Yamie_rider 20 bucks to Lie I mean Try it for me

This has been a very insitful thread, Weve gone from Using Windex, to Washing Grapics in a tub with a Rubber Duckie to using a flame thrower to etch the Sticky One perm like.


And there will be more to come I'm sure :)

can i have a snorkel and goggles? i like to have a snorkel and goggles in my tub so i can go on a "deep sea exploration" :)

You Nailed it Thumper

Everyone has to sacrifice something for th common good :)

and what did YOU sacrifice? :)

My Buddies Finger :D

Silly Thumper, What ya Think I would Hold it.

Look the one way you can be supirior is to have friends Dummer then you !!

Forst Gump Said that I think :)

Ah, touché :)

I've used both Windex and the bathtub method and the Windex, Bondo scrapper and heat gun has yielded the best results with the least amount of time involved. The windex lets you slide the stickers around alot easier than the soapy water in the tub trick.

Ok guys, I know a few of you have had success with Windex, but PLEASE don't use that! Windex contains Amonia, (among other things) and that will reduce the life of your decals significantly, and not give you the best application you need.

Why do I know this? My family owns a company called Rapid Tac Inc.

We are the worlds largest and leading manufacture of decal application fluids, and decal adhesive remover. For anyone here in thumpertalk that is interested I will send ( FREE ) samples of all 5 of our products, and I promise no junk mail or junk emails either.

Rapid Tac Application fluid cleans the plastic ( or whatever your applying your stickers to) gives you time to position your decal and remove all bubbles via squeegee, and also Promotes the adhesion process ( something Windex, and Sticker on do not do)

Now, some general tips.

1. The key to getting your decals to stick correctly is a CLEAN surface. Don't use cloth towels ( you never know what was on them before they were washed with, or what was on them prior to washing. Cheap paper towels work the best. Don't bother with expensive paper towels either because they often contain hand lotions, parfume oil, and even silicone. I know, a few of you are thinking ( does this really matter? ) yeah, it does. We get calls daily about decal applications from sign makers and these are the most common causes of frustration and failure in their applications.

2. Make sure your hands are clean. Wash them at least twice with plain hand soap like Ivory or an equivilant that does not contain any lotions, or aloe.

3. Take your time and follow the instructions that I send ( if you take me up on the free stuff)

4. Put the windex away!! lol :-)

hy dont you make a solution in your bath tub of water and Windex or the Rapid Tac stuff, if the soapy ater doesnt work good. Go to Wal-Mart and buy the 2.5 gallon bottle of windex, dump it in there, add some water, and you got the perfect combination.


Hmmmmmm...I wonder if my microwave is big enough to hold the side plates - do I have to remove the metal parts first? Shall I put a bowl of soapy water in with it? Can I cook four strips of bacon at the same time?

plastic tastin bacon! your dog wont know the difference.....iiiiIIIIIITS BACON! :)

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