06 wr450f e-start clicking

So I have a battery that's 3 months old. Earlier today when starting up my bike, the bike clicked some and then started. After work, I went to ride home and my e-start only clicked. I was able to easily kick it over and ride home. I did put a tusk dual sport kit on last year and I never had a problem with the battery then. My voltage is 12.77 heres a video of the sound https://youtu.be/aGNSCl9CifQ

Dead battery.

Dead battery.

Yep, just checked the battery again and only 10.7v.

Also, You may have a bad Starting Relay.  They do go out and they will cause a draw on your battery.

Also, You may have a bad Starting Relay. They do go out and they will cause a draw on your battery.

how would I test for a bad starter relay?

Basically it is a process of elimination.  Make sure your battery is fully charged up.  Test your starter by bypassing the system and go directly to the Hot.  If it turns over the engine without issues, then check your charging system to make sure you have good voltage to the battery.  Remember, you have a A/C D/C system.  Only the battery get DC voltage.  It should be 13.5 to 14.5 with a little throttle.   If your bike continues to do the same rattling noise at start up, then your starting relay is bad.  It is usually the first thing to go on the electrical.  Most people think they have a bad battery or starter, but that is only symptom, not the cause.

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