yz400f GO or NO

hello everyone, i recently just picked up a yz400f dirtbike from a friend.  i traded him my running ttr 125 for the yz400f.  the 400f doesnt run, but holds good compression and it fires at the plug, so im pretty confident in it starting up once i get the decompression cable replaced.  I planned on stripping the bike down and having it powder coated with new plastics.  Basically, I plan on spending some money to get the bike to look bad a**.  Is it worth me spending all the money on it,  I know Yamaha only made a 1998 and a 1999 version of this bike. So its an old model.   Will it be worth my money building this bike? I've been wanting a race bike every since I had my ttr.  I'm trying to get me a bike where I can really learn to ride and build some skill.  I mean lets face it, anybody can ride the crap out of the ttr bikes. wil l the 400 be worth my time and money?

Thanks in advance!

Not likely. You will lose all the money you are putting into it. It probably won't be worth much of anything even looking "bad @$$". But that doesn't mean don't do it. Just don't expect a return on your investment.

Other than the financial side of getting it how you want, it will be a great bike. So in that aspect it will be worth it.

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IMHO, you are much better off getting a used 2004/5/6 YZ450F or similar, for probaby 1/4 what it will cost to rebuild the 400...


Get it running and sell it...

You can retrofit the cams from later 450's to have auto decompression. That removes one of the biggest complaints of the 400's. Also check the slide on the carb as they were known to crack.

thansk,  i really wanted a yz250f, i was thinking the 400 would be too much.  maybe i can get it running and get somebody to trade there 250f with me.  from all i see now it just need some clutch work and all cables replaced

Spend minimal money on it. Get it running decent and ride the hell out of it. Those old bikes are pretty tough and they have a good torque engine. They're pretty fun to ride but they do really show their weight and handling compared to the mid-2000s 450 bikes.

My impression is that the 400 is heavier than any of the newer bikes. Some people put steel frame tank/subframe/plastics on which helps (I'm planning on doing that to my supermoto)

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